Capturing the right performance in the studio can be tricky, and our job is to help musicians do that and get it recorded. Getting the right take is always more important than any technical issues. (Of course, we’re here to help you get both: The right studio performance, recorded as clearly as possible.)


What would a studio be without instruments? Musicians will almost always use their own gear, since it’s well-worn and what you’re used to working on. But it’s hard to predict where inspiration will strike, so we have musical instruments available for general use. Our engineers are also working musicians, so we’re able to help you work out parts and arrangements.

Instrument list:

  • Acoustic guitars
  • Electric guitars
  • Bass and electric tube amps
  • Keyboard controllers–88 key weighted as well as a smaller Oxygen 25 for leads or Taurus-style bass lines
  • Full drum kit
  • Hand percussion
  • Concertina

We even have a small PA if you want to record completely live and get a performance with maximum energy.

Studio gear:

We are a completely digital, completely Macintosh-based studio. Our DAW of choice is Apple Logic. We’ve also done work in other programs–Protools, Nuendo, and even Reaper and Garageband.

We’re no strangers to live recording, and have a Mackie Firewire board specifically for capturing multiple tracks concurrently. Recording multiple tracks live in the studio can capture a more exciting performance.


  • Studio Projects C1 condenser mic
    This is our workhorse, and can capture everything from vocals to stringed instruments
  • Audio Technica AT4040 condenser mic
    Great condenser mic with a deeper sound
  • Shure dynamic mics
    Great for handheld applications as well as spot mics, amplifier mics, and live use–The old workhorse SM58s and SM57s that you see in every studio in the world.
  • Samson Q7
    An amazingly sensitive dynamic mic for vocals

Other gear:

  • Mackie Onyx 1620i
    Firewire mixing board and interface that captures up to 16 concurrent tracks of audio, with 8 of the superb Onxy mic preamps onboard
  • MOTU 828 Firewire/USB audio interface
  • MOTU Audio Express interface
  • Studiophile SP-5B studio monitors
  • AKG and Audio Technica monitoring headphones, Rolls stereo headphone amplifier (can accomodate four headphones at the same time

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